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Let us help you usher in the future of payments and unleash your business's full potential! Are you ready to embark on this journey?

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About us

Global Pagamentos

Our Payment Gateway Solutions are more than just payment processing – they orchestrate payment operations, harnessing the power of modern technology to unlock your business's complete potential.

Our unwavering mission is to guarantee maximum conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Our payment gateways proudly showcase advanced features, leveraging AI-driven fraud prevention tools and high-availability servers with virtually zero downtime

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We Provide Businesses with the Best Solutions

Pix. Powered by Banco Central

PIX stands as a revolutionary instant payment system that empowers both individuals and businesses to conduct real-time transactions at any time, including weekends and holidays. Through the PIX system, users can effortlessly transfer funds, settle bills, and make purchases using their preferred banking or payment applications.

  • Instantaneous Transactions

    PIX ensures swift transaction processing, eliminating the typical delays associated with traditional bank transfers.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Users have the freedom to initiate transactions at any time, even outside regular banking hours.

  • Enhanced Security

    PIX operates with robust security measures to safeguard financial information and minimize the risk of fraudulent activities.


Boleto Bancário is widely adopted as a cash-based payment method, holding immense popularity in Brazil. It offers customers a simple and secure way to complete transactions without the need for a bank account or credit card. Boleto offers several advantages that cater to diverse customer preferences:

  • Accessibility

    Boleto accommodates a broad range of users, including those who prefer cash transactions and individuals lacking access to traditional banking services.

  • Confidentiality

    Customers can perform payments without revealing sensitive financial information online, ensuring privacy and security.

  • Flexibility

    The availability of offline payment options aligns with various financial preferences, offering flexibility in transaction completion.


Our Benefits

Open Premium Ultimate opportunities with Innovative Solutions

We collaborate with leading world financial institutions and native payment processors to empower our merchant service solutions in Portugal. Merchants enjoy access to exclusive features that elevate their payment processing experience to an extraordinary level.

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    Month-to-month terms

    Flexible terms, and no annual contract. If you're not selling, you're not paying payment processor fees.

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    Modern Support System

    With your payment processor, you have a single support team 24/7/365

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    All-inclusive Business Hub, multiple services

    Accept payments, analyze transaction insights, and customer understanding – all within your dedicated merchant account.

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    Transparent Pricing

    We offer straightforward and fixed fees, with no hidden service or convenience charges.

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    Balanced Payment Solution Selection

    Outshine your competitors with a wide array of available payment methods. Allow your customers to select their preferred payment method

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    Integrated Anti-Fraud Mechanism

    Rest easy about payment safety, as we've got it covered. Our built-in anti-fraud system shields all transactions and sensitive data!

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    Personalized Design

    Enhance customer trust in your offerings with a payment page design tailored to your preferences. Every element crafted to reflect your business's unique style!

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    Global Expertise

    Our consultants possess expertise in both local Portuguese and international payment solutions.

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We bring years of experience in developing seamless payment solutions tailored for:

  • SaaS Companies
    • Software as a Service Providers
    • Cloud Software Businesses
    • Subscription Software Companies
  • E-commerce Ventures
    • Online Retail Ventures
    • Digital Commerce Enterprises
    • Web-based Retail Startups
  • Platforms & Marketplaces
    • Online Platforms
    • Marketplace Networks
    • Digital Exchange Platforms
  • Streaming Services
    • Digital Streaming Platforms
    • Media Streaming Providers
    • Online Content Delivery
  • Retail Businesses
    • Merchandising Enterprises
    • Consumer Goods Retailers
    • Storefront Businesses
  • iGaming Enterprises, Esports
    • Online iGaming Companies
    • Interactive Entertainment Ventures
    • Competitive iGaming Organizations
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Our clients

Why Do Clients Choose Us?

  1. Diverse Experience: Our team has experience working both in local and international markets.

  2. Years of Expertise: We have extensive expertise in the field of payment solutions.

  3. Revenue Growth: Our payment solutions drive revenue growth and ensure high conversion rates for payment transactions.


Modern payment solutions are indispensable tools for ensuring business success!

Let us help you usher in the future of payments and unleash your business's full potential! Are you ready to embark on this journey?

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